Jessika Khazrik is an interdisciplinary artist and a writer. In her practice, she focuses on topics ranging from ecotoxicology and machine learning to linguistics, photography, and the history of science. She explores the influence of the global economy, the techno-politics of voice, and the organization of knowledge, while simultaneously investigating and reimagining varying experiences of witnessing, dwelling and labor. Her work has been exhibited internationally at the Arab Image Foundation, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Times Museum Guangzhou, and the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw. 


Jessika's project during Digital Earth 2018 - 2019 fellowship is Lab of False Witness for Ecotoxicological Research and Communication (LFWerc) - an ongoing research project, in which Khazrik ultimately intends to create an online research and exhibition platform. It is meant to track the ways in which technology has been misused to falsify, hide and deny the distribution of toxic waste within Lebanon. She plans for the web compendium to bring together a montage of over 20,000 visual, scientific and legal documents, which she has come across in personal archives, her field work and offline/online media.

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