Tabita Rezaire is a cross-dimensional new media artist, tech-politics researcher, and Kemetic/Kundalini Yoga teacher currently based in Johannesburg. In her work, she tries to explore the possibilities of decolonial healing through technology. Both offline and online she considers the prevalent matrix of coloniality and how it affects matters of identity, sexuality, technology, health and spirituality. Her works have been shown at the 9th Berlin Biennale, Tate Modern, London, and Museum of Modern Art, Paris. She is a co-founder of the creative agency NTU, forms half of the artist duo Malaxa Andis the mother of the energy house Seneb.


With her project Earth Line/ Sky Eye, Rezaire seeks to collect stories from the Senegambian stone circles, and honor traditional African cultures of astronomy and celestial sciences. Earth Line/ Sky Eye serves as a research project on the remnants of our ended conversations with the skies. Her work for this project is informed by interviews with villagers, scientists, poets, traditional historians, and by findings in Astro-archeology, astro-physics, history, cosmology, geology, sound frequencies, electromagnetic measurements, dating techniques, oral traditions, and spiritual teachings.

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